What when where:  How the insured report a loss
If you have the damage, you need insurance. In order for them to pay, insured persons must first report the damage: “In case of cases, you must immediately contact their insurance company,” explains Bianca Boss of the Confederation of Insured in Henstedt-Ulzburg near Hamburg.

Immediately means: As soon as possible. “If you are in the hospital because you have been injured, you certainly will not have to report the same day,” says Boss. “But as soon as you feel better, you should inform your insurance company about the damage.”

Because the insured must prove in case of doubt that he has reported a loss, the written notification is advisable. “The contact details are usually found in your documents,” says Boss.

Indicate what, when, where and how something happened. “If someone has been damaged, you must also report that to their insurance company.” As a rule, insured persons then receive forms for claim notification from their insurance company, in which they have to specify the details again.

Important: The information must be truthful. According to findings of the German Insurance Association (GDV), about nine percent of the reported losses in motor, liability and property insurance have inconsistencies. As a rule, the insurance companies look more closely in such cases.

As dubious according to GDV messages are called that are not consistent: Often the damage description does not fit the damage picture, the parties make contradictory statements or hand in manipulated sales receipts. If a fraud is detected, the insurer does not have to pay for the damage.


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